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DAB - Architettura e sistemistica della rete SFN in Valle d'Aosta.pdf6,477 KB 05/02/2006
DAB - EBU - Dynamic Range Control (DRC) and Music-Speech Control (MSC) (1994).pdf11,056 KB 24/12/2019
DAB - EBU - One Digital Radio across Europe (2009).pdf199 KB 04/07/2010
DAB - Eureka 147 - Digital Audio Broadcasting (1995).pdf5,061 KB 24/12/2019
DAB - RAI - Introduction of a T-DAB experimental service in Italy (1994).pdf839 KB 24/12/2019
DAB - Rohde & Schwarz - DSR and DAB - Digital sound broadcasting today and tomorrow (1994).pdf1,298 KB 24/12/2019
DAB - Rohde & Schwarz - Transmission reliability in digital radio (1994).pdf2,349 KB 24/12/2019
EBU - DAB+ Signal Propagation in Tunnels (2017).pdf1,368 KB 18/01/2018
EBU - Level and Distortion in Digital Broadcasting (2007).pdf652 KB 24/05/2009
EBU - Microphone systems used for Surround Sound pickup and their use at Wimbledon tennis and The Proms (2008).pdf245 KB 24/05/2009
EBU 3253 - Sound Quality Assessment Material (SQAM) recordings for subjective tests (2008).pdf139 KB 24/05/2009
EBU 3270 - Euroradio Measurements audio test material (2008).pdf182 KB 24/05/2009
EBU 3287 - Parameters for the Subjective Evaluation of Sound Programme material (PEQS) (2008).pdf123 KB 24/05/2009
International and Basic TV standards for Black & White and Colour Television.pdf1,049 KB 09/07/2011
RAI - Le stazioni televisive e radiofoniche della RAI (09-1989).pdf53,946 KB 18/12/2019
RDS - EBU - Design considerations for the RDS car receiver (02-1991).pdf795 KB 18/12/2019
RDS - EBU - Design Principles for VHF-FM radio receivers using the EBU radio-data system RDS (04-1984).pdf1,160 KB 18/12/2019
RDS - EBU - Development of the Traffic Message Channel in RDS (02-1991).pdf476 KB 18/12/2019
RDS - EBU - Functional objectives of the Enhanced Other Networks (EON) feature (11-1990).pdf809 KB 18/12/2019
RDS - EBU - Glossary of terms for RDS applications (02-1991).pdf190 KB 18/12/2019
RDS - EBU - PTY display terms in English, Dutch, French, German, Norwegian, Portuguese, Spanish and Swedish (09-1998).pdf63 KB 17/02/2000
RDS - EBU - RDS Universal Encoder Communication Protocol - UECP Version 5.1 (08-1997).pdf268 KB 17/02/2000
RDS - EBU - The computerized handling of programme-related RDS information (02-1991).pdf606 KB 18/12/2019
RDS - EBU - The development of the EBU VHF-FM radio-data system (RDS) (08-1983).pdf708 KB 18/12/2019
RDS - EBU Tech. 3244-E - Specifications of the radio data system RDS for VHF-FM sound broadcasting (03-1984).pdf4,983 KB 17/12/2019
RDS - EBU Tech. 3260-E - Guidelines for the implementation of the RDS system (01-1990).pdf5,293 KB 17/12/2019
RDS - Grundig - Il Testmode nelle autoradio RDS Grundig con maschera 3 e 4.pdf4,105 KB 19/12/2019
RDS - NRSC, NAB - RBDS versus RDS - What are the differences and how can receivers cope with both systems (01-1998).pdf41 KB 17/02/2000
RDS - NRSC, NAB - United States RBDS Standard - Specification of the radio broadcast data system (RBDS) (04-1998).pdf1,114 KB 17/02/2000
RDS - RAI - Canale di comunicazione sul traffico tramite Radio Data System (TMC) (06-1992).pdf2,323 KB 18/12/2019
RDS - RAI - IL RADIODATA - Criteri di progetto del ricevitore (02-1988).pdf1,330 KB 18/12/2019
RDS - RAI - IL RADIODATA - Nuovo servizio in radiofonia MF (03-1985).pdf2,824 KB 18/12/2019

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